How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove pigeons without trapping them

The beauty of birds is they lack many of the destructive tools other nuisance animals have. That doesn't mean they aren't very destructive in their own ways, but it does mean you can exclude them from areas without worrying about them clawing and tearing their way back inside. When it comes to one-way exclusion funnels, success can only be achieved if the problem pigeons are in a confined space. Pigeons that have made their way into eaves or lofts are prime candidates for this technique, but you'll have to make sure any exterior areas of the building are pigeon-proofed to prevent them from simply moving their roosting area. Once there are no open ledges or areas available, you can install a one-way funnel on the opening of the pigeon roost. The funnel will allow the pigeons to leave the building, but the smaller opening on the outside will prevent them from coming back in. Eventually, the pigeons will have to find somewhere else to go. Just be prepared for these birds to linger. They won't give up without somewhat of a fight, even if that just means hanging around and pooping all over the place.

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